Art Collector 101: Definitions

The next posts will define general terms of fine art, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography + video, figurative/representational art and abstract/non-representational art.

Fine art, as defined by Wikipedia, is any art
developed primarily for forms, including formaesthetics rather than utility.[1] This type of art is often expressed in a limited number of visual and performing artpainting, sculpture, dance, theatre, architecture and printmaking. Schools, institutes, and other organizations still use the term to indicate a traditional perspective on the art forms, often implying an association with classic or academic art.

I know, using Wikipedia for a definition seems too easy...the problem is there is so much information out there, and the idea here, is just to give you a general idea. Write to me if you'd like more. By the way, did you hear about the Goya print stolen from Bogota? The stolen artwork was a priceless engraving on view for public exhibition (image above credit: AFP/File photo). It is described as priceless for its extreme rarity.

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