If you'd like to begin collecting art as an investment, or for whatever visual pleasures you seek to indulge, there are a few things to learn.

An easy-on-the wallet way to begin is to purchase a multiple original. This means your art purchase has siblings, editions, or commonly known as: copies. Depending on the artist, a multiple original is considered original because it’s part of a limited group of work the artist selected with the belief that the original work will enjoy a high demand. Multiple originals are generally more affordable than singular or one-of-a-kind works, which is why they’re a good place to begin an art collection. The reason is, the artist believes the selected multiple original will have broad appeal, which he's decided to multiply, and offer a copy of it to more than one collector, making it’s price more accessible to new collectors.

Pictured at right is an image from Roberto Matta's closed editions series, "Carne Amont."

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